Sermon series – SDR videos and podcasts

Not Ashamed
January sermons in 2022

The Fruit of the Spirit
Summer sermons in 2021

Exodus: Their story is our story
Jan-Feb and Apr-Jun 2021

Meet the King in Mark’s gospel
September to October 2020

Occasional sermons
Not preached as part of a series

The book of Ruth
Advent sermons in 2021

Easter 2021 – Four services from Palm Sunday to Easter morning

Devote yourselves to prayer
Start the year in 2021

The “I AM” statements of Jesus
July to October 2020

Ephesians – One in Christ
Autumn sermons in 2021

Eternity Changes Everything
March 2021

Jesus the one true light
November to December 2020

Psalms – Hope in the mess of life
June to July 2020