Sermon series – SDR videos and podcasts

Back to Genesis (Chapters 2-4)
January / February 2024

Is Christmas unbelievable?
December 2023

Children of the Bible
Sermon series –Summer 2023

Meet the King in Mark’s Gospel
January-April 2023 & Autumn 2020

Thinking Through Communion
Sermons series, November 2022

The Four Points
Sermons series, June & July 2022

Not Ashamed
January sermons in 2022

Easter 2021 – Four services from Palm Sunday to Easter morning

Devote yourselves to prayer
Start the year in 2021

Psalms – Hope in the mess of life
June to July 2020

My grace is sufficient–coming soon
Two sermons to start 2024

Jonah: Grace through the Storm
Sermon series –Autumn 2023

June in the Psalms
Sermon series –June 2023

Rooted in Christ, Growing in Christ
Sermons series, January 2023

Parables of the Kingdom
Sermons series, Autumn 2022

The Gospel of John
Sermon series, Easter 2022

The book of Ruth
Advent sermons in 2021

Eternity Changes Everything
March 2021

Jesus the one true light
November to December 2020

Occasional sermons
Not preached as part of a series

Two sermons about Advent
December 2023

Living in Light of the Trinity
Sermon series, September 2023

Genesis 1–4 : Foundations for life
Sermon series, May–June 2023

Songs of Christmas
Sermons series, December 2022

Meals with Jesus
Summer sermons series, 2022

Ephesians – One in Christ
Autumn 2021 & Spring 2022

The Fruit of the Spirit
Summer sermons in 2021

Exodus: Their story is our story
Jan-Feb and Apr-Jun 2021

The “I AM” statements of Jesus
July to October 2020